How I Got My Extra Terrestrial Name.

I am afraid I am stalked by star beings wearing crowns of light and bearing shaving cream. They confronted me and I said "But I am Dances with Wookie"...They teleported me to their ship and forced me to wear a bikini bottom.  They fell on their faces and said "Dances with Wookie, your pubic powers are too strong. We surrender..." and they let me go. I got Chewie a hair net and her own cape...

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You are welcome.

Truly a story of revelation. Thank you for sharing.


Read this again today. It's wonderful and still makes me laugh. Thanks for all you write.

Chewie likes her velvet coat. It makes her feel like a woman.


Ah the space years...ya never tire of them :)

You guys are silly :-P<br />
Thank you, Snow. <br />
Ah...the space years....

A shaved wookie... LOL !! <br />
<br />
I have read this story more than once, and I never seem to tire of it. "Pubic powers" gets me everytime :) <br />
<br />

Thank you...I never thought of that before...<br />
Yeah...a shaved Wookie would be a sight to see.

Great story and I really want to read more of your writing but have to comment first:<br />
<br />
Talk about a story with legs, you wrote this on March 21, 2007 and the comment about mine (the 37th, by the way, is dated May 23, 2009; over 2 years and 2 months later. If only all of us could write something so compelling that people are still reading and commenting 2 years later!!!<br />
<br />
...and thinking, hmmmmm, by now, I suspect everyone has seen a shave pubis but none of us have even imagined (until now) a shaved Wookie. ;-))

OMG! Chewie would call me a coward just because I am afraid of hair or because I cannot face my tangles?

Really Max? Really? Promise...

Thank you for commenting, jaded!<br />
See, they wanted me to be smooth, like them, and tamed. They wanted to make it easier to explore me...I had to deploy Chewie. Chewie shined black and brilliant with her many pubic powers and downy skills of persuasion. Also, most of these stories I wrote when I joined this site a few years back...and a wookie Fredrick Nitchze's god :-)

And, speaking form the other end of the bush...I prefer to not have my face itch when I am ****** it...just a thought :-)

Yeah...Chewie has had it before, when she was a young and experienced ***** who had no idea where her true strength would lie, or stand on its end. She vowed to never let a coward into her vault who was afraid of hair. Imagine that...someone being afraid of hair...

Chewie would hate the five day bristle and itch.


Chewie says "Thank you very much, Rhia" in her cookie monster voice :-)

"Rwarrrrrrr Yesssssshhhhh" (The sound of the masses applauding your wit and skill!) Brevity is the sole of wit and you are a master of the form! I've reread this particular offering several times and laughed aloud each time. You have a remarkable gift. Your writing is succinct and very evocative, its many la<x>yers continue to surprise as I peruse them from the corners of my eyes. Thank you! Please keep posting these gems.

Thanks, IT. It is fun to think this way :-O

Oh I was just being silly. Chewie is a real crack up...and she keeps me laughing all of the time!

Brut darlin - How do you come up with this stuff???<br />
Momachaos - ditto!!!

Thanks I have forgotten all of my Jedi creeds and recitations...looking to retire from the force as soon as my disability goes through...I was injured in an Ewok fight. It was, to settle down my demons I feel in love with one and brought her I can't find her in the shag carpet...bummer.

Always remember the jedi creed:<br />
Never accept a drink from an ewok in a stormtrooper helmet!

I hope so! I think it can be arranged.

I want to be a star! Can I be the spaceship?

Really...and a line of foot wear too...<br />
<br />
I think I am very interested in whatever you have to say about it.

Hey listen, kid, I can make you a star. We can reenact this story, shoot it Hollywood-style. Your wookie will be a household name, her face on cereal boxes.

probably the couch...Thank you!

I don't know WHAT you were on, but I want some! *TOO funny!

Thanks, T3! Just a silly little doodle about my wookie noodle and cookie maker...

I have said that I would give her a military cut..and I stand by that. In fact, if she keeps misbehaving I just might. She recoils when I mention it but I told her I wasn't fooling around.<br />
She thinks she is Bob Crane.

thanks guys!<br />
Chewie says "Hi!"

This is excellent!

The star beings don't show up on would have been a waste of time anyway...

I am trying very hard to think of what it could be...but, if it helps, I like olive oil too. The romans used alot of it.

I've learnt a valuable lesson from that are right...I just might start shaving after all if I can find a way to make it taste good...Nah. I might trim, though. Do they have a cream for that?

oh, aye. tis all good. Ya sure that wasn't whupped creme vs shavin creme serves both purposes and is imeasurably tastier. hehehe<br />

yes, the many shades of puberty, so to speak. Personally, I love them either way.... ;)

Fraught with symbolism , Chewie, Shavin creme, Pubic Powers, Bikini bottoms , an Wookie humor. Tis madness. The sheer dicotomy of Bare pubis vs hairy wookies! Shades of caped crusaders.....<br />

Thank you! Yeah, that was about two seperate things...It was supposed to be a catalyst project. Your comment made my day a littler nicer. Thanks.

you are hilarious!