Grew Up Being Tickle Tortured!

Ever since i was 12, my older brother(3 years older) used to tie me up and tickle torture me! Seriously tortured me because i was sooo extremely ticklish! he especially loved to tie me totally immobile and tickle my feet because that made me scream and shriek and just go crazy. i couldn't stand my feet tickled at all! Thru the teen years until i went to college, he would have his friends, MY girlfriends, and anyone he could find to help him tickle me to death almost daily! I was his guinea pig for tickling tools, tickling tortures just anything he could think of to totally tickle me out of my mind. he's sadistic that way.
Now before you go thinking wierd, my brother and i were NOT sexual at all with each other. he just loved to tickle me till i cried or peed or just passed out.
I think even though i hated to be tickled, he kind of sealed my fate for loving tickling. I have a love /HATE thing with tickling now, and since i am lesbian, girls tickling me turned me on a lot even though i still hated to be tickled. I did end up the victim a lot with girls thru the years.
When i was 21 my brother who lived in Texas introduced me to a Professional Domme down there that specialized in tickling. She was gorgeous, sensual and soon her and i hooked up and i was her tickle slave for about a year and then she informed me one day that I was NOT a submissive, but rather a victim of my ticklishness. She then proceeded to teach me to be a Domme like her, specializing in tickle torture for the next 6 years. I am now proudly a full fledged Ticklemistress:) I have 4 subbie girls of my own now, 2 of which live with me and 2 that i play with on weekends.
So now that's said and done, Guys, NO i will not tickle you nor will i let you tickle me. I am lesbian, which means i like girls only. I can be friends with guys if they show respect, but 90% don't. so, No, i will not be converted, will not tickle you, will not let you tickle me, so just forget all about that.
I'm 31 now and have spent 85% of my life being tickled silly, and the last 5 years tickling other girls out of their minds. I am ruthless, sadistic, merciless, mean and down right evil as some have said when it comes to tickling other girls. I like to tie them totally immobile, totally helpless, and tickle them nonstop without mercy until they break with hysterical laughter, crying, sobbing and screaming for mercy. Then i REALLY stat tickling them:)
Just thought I'd share this with everyone since I haven't written any stories before now.
Ticklemistress Tiffany
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Nice story glad you enjoy this

Great story :) Do you think your own experience of being the ticklee makes for you being a better tickler..?

Oh yeah!

Omg!!! I go through that now!! I am tortured with tickling! LOl

MMM. You should message me and talk more about tickling, Kimmy dear. :)

I bet u can't break me! I double dare ya! U better b careful because I will tickle u to death. Because I

I don't tickle guys or let guys tickle me. I'm Lesbian.

I follow you on tumblr XD

wow. hott

Too bad in a way. I don't let being Gay stop me from tickling
female friends of mine. I just don't get turned on by it. But
I do like hearing them laugh & go nuts, and I know they like
the ******* they have from it.
I don't get turned on when girls tickle me either, but I LAUGH
and go hysterical anyway, so its still fun and if they tickle me
long enough sometimes I get what I call a "Reflex ***********",
(which feels pretty kool!).

And that Kul, is the advantage of being Bi! I turned on by both when tickled.

you turn me on

I do. How very nice!

Are you looking for someone else to do it to? I've never done anything like it but reading the stories turn me on. Im kind of shy and want to be brought out of my shell. Im a submissive and really ticklish.

Only if you're a female 18 or older. I don't play with guys as I am lesbian.

I'm 24 and I'm a female. Can we talk and ill send you a picture?

I wrote the one at the top too. I was shysubmissive but i changed it to shysub27.

Love your stories! Soo descriptive, just how I LOVE 'em! THANKS!

We older brothers are good for some things Lin! ;-)

I was one of those older brothers who used to tie up and tickle his younger sister when we were younger. I was 3 years older than her and after a while she would purposely put herself into ticklish situations to get me to tickle her mercilessly. I'm convinced that those actions are what turned her into a submissive tickle loving fetishist. She had particularly ticklish feet and tended to wear pantyhose and tights a lot in her teen years which made her already ticklish feet even more sensitized so I'd delight in mummy wrapping her in blankets or tying her to the legs of our coffee table or couch and going to town on those feet as well as the rest of her ticklish body. Her thighs, hips and underarms were also insanely ticklish spots on her that I'd often tease and tickle until she was literally going out of her mind from the tickly sensations.<br />
<br />
I'd love to chat with you Lin about bondage and tickling. It seems as though you have a deep passion for being tied, gagged & tickled. It would be fun to share experiences.

Nope. I don't do videos. I have a very high profile job position with a large company, and don't want to compromise my job.

Have you done any videos of tickling girls crazy

No, I don't do videos. I'm a private person with a high paying salary job with a large company, and don't want to compromise my job.

Nice story! We could trade ideas for effective tickling!

wow, that was a super sexy story :) I wish I had a woman like you in my life and would jump at the chance to be your sub!

I tickle straight and gay women. Your brother sounds like me. Me and my buddy and neibor, use to tickle his sister, all the time. We end up dating, for 3 years, when we got older. Even though i cant tickle you. We should be friends. I have alot of stories and pics you would like.

Never gonna happen, Wiggler. Not into guys at all. I am strictly lesbian. and NO, I won't tickle YOU either.