Can You Stay Still While Being Tickled

I am 99 percent tickler but a couple of my wonderful ticklees enjoy enacting a bit of revenge on me and they now realize that I am insanely ticklish. Being on the other side of the feather so to speak has actually made me a better tickler. I now know the sensations of torturesome delights that I've brought to women for years. I always loved seeing a woman buck, twist, squirm jump and wriggle from my touch and I'm not sure if it's because I'm a fairly new ticklee or if the ladies that have tickled me to date are just too skilled, too talented and way too ruthless or if my body is just overly sensitized once I start getting tickled but I find that it's virtually impossible for me to sit or lie still when I'm being teased and tickled. It doesn't matter which part of my body is being played with, what style my tickler is using on me or whether I'm tied or loose I squirm, wiggle, jump, buck and twist wildly unable to stay still if a tickling finger or tool is touching me or even about to touch me.

How about you other ticklees out there? Can you lie still while someone is tickling you mercilessly or are you like me a wriggling mess that's totally loses it?

mistertickle123 mistertickle123
51-55, M
2 Responses May 21, 2012

I'll bet it's a lot worse (or better) when you're deliberately tickled!

Oh no...I'm one of the buckers, squirmers, etc. Just touch my sides lightly and I jump sky high! How much worse if being deliberately tickled?