My 3 Lil Girls Tickle Torture Me!

I have 3 daughters aged 13, 11 9. And if I'm spending too much time on the computer, they come in and the middle one sits on my lap (I tend to sit on one foot in my chair) and with her weight, she holds my legs down and hugs me tight, and then the other two girls begin to tickle my trapped foot i'm sitting on!!! It's Horrible and i can't stand it, but I can't get away! Sometimes the youngest will get my foot and the oldest will tickle my armpits, and as I clamp them to my sides, and the middle one hugging me, I can't dislodge the oldest's fingers and together they tickle me insane!
The worst part is they don't stop after a couple minutes! They keep tickling me for like 10-15 minutes like that because they know how much it tickles me and makes me crazy! I'm in tears in 3 minutes begging them to stop, but they just laugh and keep tickling! I've definately created 3 lil monsters! Tickle monsters!
Sometimes they will find me lying on the couch, and the oldest since she is bigger will jump on me and lay on me holding me down while the other two will tickle me! They make a big deal about peeling off my socks too! (I have to wear socks in the house because my feet are so ticklish, carpet and grass tickle me! So they peel off my socks and tickle my bare feet with their little nails and make me just howl with hysterical laughter! I try to get away from them, but for lil girls, they are quite strong. I guess when I'm laughing sooo hard I get week as a kitten!
Then there's the old classic, and yes it actually DOES happen sometimes...I was under the couch getting toys out from under there and my legs were sticking out. And as you can guess, they pounced! one sat on my legs at the knee, and the other two grabbed a foot each, yanked off my socks, and proceeded to tickle my poor feet! I was screaming and laughing and going completely nuts for a very long time! I scolded them, begged and pleaded with them, cried to them, nothing would get them to stop tickling my feet! when they finally stopped, they all took off running and hid in their rooms while I weakly climbed out from under the couch.
I love my lil girls dearly, but sometimes... :P
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Ever think of tickling them back?

at least they weren't tickling your belly andor belly button

I wish they had! I'm not very ticklish there.:P LOl!

These are the LUCKIEST kids in the whole world!

Oh my. How often do they do this to you? Do they still do it?

Yes, they still tryand tickle me. Succssfully 90% of the time too, unfortunately for me.:P As they get older, their devious minds get more creaive and i end up falling for their traps. Or sometimes they just lump on the bed with me all bundled up nice and warm, sprawl all over me and peel back the covers and just tickle my feet! I obviously can;t move or stop them, so i just lay there in a panic squealing, screaming and begging them to stop which is a useless gesture of course. My girls love their momma, but i think they love to make me freak out from tickling more.:P

That's so wonderful. :) They really do have such creative minds. Just your feet or your toes as well? Have you ever asked them to tickle you before? I guess tickling you would be considered a hobby to them since they like doing it often. XD How old are your daughter's now (15, 13, and 11)?

thats great id love to catch someone under the couch! next time somone should suggesst a hairbrush its not like you dont deserve it ;-) hahaha

Nice! Chat me!

sounds like fun. but i can;t seem to get to your profile to add you to my circle.

I think given the adoption, and the way they obviously feel comfortable enough with you to have this type of play, you are obviously doing something right. You are lucky to have them, and they are lucky to have you. I think it's cute the way they work together. It sounds like you are all bonding together nicely, enjoy, remember the saying, "kids do bring joy and (especially in your case) laughter "

My lil girls have only been in my life for 5 years, and are 13,11,9. But from the first moment we all got together as friends before they lost their last living relative, we bonded way back then too. And I DO feel very lucky to have them and am soo grateful for them every day and love them most in life. I was also blessed that they are well mannered and i really don;t have any issues with their sibling rivalry or fighting amongst each other either. Occassional tickle fights break out, and actually the middle daughter gets it the worst since she is the most ticklish. it cracks me up to see the youngest digging in there tickling the bejeezus out of her older sisters. (Yes all three are very ticklish, but the middle one is the worst.). I have to giggle though when they both conspire and get the oldest in a vulnerable moment and tickle her silly and she can't get away from her younger sisters. Al together, they all have a lot of fun and as a parent, it's heartening to see such love together and see how they look into my eyes and know they are loved and love me so deeply. I think they are finally healing from their tragic younger childhood.

It's nice to see the examples of tickling where it doesn't have to be a sexual thing. People continually get the wrong idea. For the adoption, I have 3 kids, 2 biological, and 1 adopted. I know where you come from and congratulate you for taking this on 5 years ago, I also know exactly how they fill your life so can almost feel your pride in your reply to me. You should be proud of them, but they would also feel proud of you😄

woow thats insanely touching i think i admire you even more. youre a phenominal woman theyre super lucky to have a mom that loves them as much as you do. 1000 kudos

I like your how your girls think, and do ;)
They should tied you up & and gag you sometimes

They're little girls. 13,11,9. so that's inapropriate, dude.

You misspelled, ''inappropriate''.

I am sorry, I didn't mean any bad. My apologies

Any new tickling stories?

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Sounds so lovely!!!! I wish i could be there,watch and enjoy :p

I can totally relate. I used to tickle my 3 nephews when they were little,
but when they got older and bigger they turned the tables on me with
devastating results. I only weigh 120 or so and even though I'm wiry
the 3 of them were almost as big as me so I didn't stand a chance.
When the oldest, Adam, got to be teenage they figured out how to
sneak up and tie me down while I was asleep. Then they had me. It
was their favorite thing to make me squeal and laugh until I peed
myself, and you're right. When kids get an adult helpless they show
no mercy, and for some reason they are really good at tickling!

Now that sounds like fun.

WOW! LOVE this story! I wish I could be there in your place! (At least sometimes! :-) )

glad you appreciate it.Thought you would:)

Oh, YEAH! I DO appreciate it! Thanks for showing me the way, parrykeet! ;-)

love this Story! tickling is fun and playful. This is how it should be.

I TOTALLY agree with this statement! That's more like how life outta be, I believe...:-)

I'm with Bill on this. Ever since we started chatting a while back i've been intregued by your ticklishness and by how you channel it into your Tickle Mistress role, torturing women mercilessly. Your passion for this is what I truly relate to since I've been a tickler since I was a small boy. Passion, insatiability, creativity, imagination and endurance are some of the words that come to mind when I read your posts but the ones where you talk about being tickled or about how ticklish you are attract the most attention from me.

Funny, soo funny !! I have always been ticklish, embarrassing when at the doctor's office. But otherwise unseen, only a few cousins know but I am stronger, LOL

Lol that's hot