Not A Tickle Fight, A Tickle Massacre

Some of my most memorable horribly ticklish moments in my life involve my cousin Derek. Most of what I learned about tickling I learned from him. I was just reminded to write this one after his last visit. I hadn't seen him in a while so naturally I wanted to catch up. We were hanging in the basement, just watching tv at first.

After a while we got to talking, and when we ran out of things to catch up on, we started to recall the past. I remembered all the other times he use to visit when I was younger. Most of which always ended in me screaming uncle over and over, or agreeing to doing gross things to make him stop tickling.

I remembered most of them vividly for that reason, but he insisted on going through each in detail anyway. He reminded me of these "Tickle Death Hugs" He use to have. Him being an older cousin it was easy to trap me with just a simple hug. To add to that, Derek is a big 6ft 5 Leviathan, 10 years older than me. Holding me still was an easy task. Once he did, he'd tangle my arms up in some weird vine, open me up, and attack to his hearts content.

He would go on.......... "Or how about the time". ...... He tied my arms behind my back countless times leaving me even more subject to his tickle experimentation. "Or the times when" ........ He had tried countless tickle games out on me,  tickle twister, tickle tag, the list goes on and on.

We talked on and he kept repeating..."Yeah I use to get you really good..." I would respond saying..."Yeah, those days are over though," and he would stare with a grin on his face. Chilling....

I kept thinking to myself, he couldn't really be thinking of trying that on me now? For goodness sakes I'm in my 20's...Still Terribly ticklish...But I thought I would be able to fend him off this time...He still towered over me but I thought things would be different....Wishful thinking...

But I already knew what he was thinking. With that I got up heading for the stairs.  Before I could get there I felt his hand wrap around my ankle. He clipped my legs and had me on the floor.

"BULLSHIT!!" I yelled out as he got up still holding me and his hands descended towards me. I couldn't believe he was still throwing me around like a rag doll.... embarrassing.....

He was toying with me, poking me, leading and  backing me up towards the wall till I was cornered....... I nervously started laughing before he even really started....

Then he started in on me, wearing me down methodically.  It started with him attacking my tummy, ribs and sides rapidly. His hands never stayed in one place, as I tried grabbing and swatting them.  Every time I moved my arms to cover, he had already found another opening.  He blitzed me into confusion.

This is not at all how I saw this playing out in my

He kept me pinned against the wall in a sitting position, squeezing his hands into every opening.  I couldn't get up because his weight pinned my front. He's difficult to push off, the size of a damn grizzly bear.

When I tried standing my socks gave way, slipping and sliding against the carpet floor.  I couldn't get any traction, just couldn't find my footing.  He had me pinned against the wall.

Struggling with him sapped my energy quickly, and soon he got me laughing steadily.

"SHIITHAahahaahhaaa FRikinGSTOpP! SERiouslY!! FRiikINGnGKHAHAhaHAHAHaaaA! You're NOT Doing ThiS AGaINNhaHAhahahAAAHAa!"

Every time I extended an arm to push him away, he made me pay.  Each time he caught my outstretched arm saying....

"Ohhh YOu want me to have this arm To?!"  Then his fingers would swivel ticklish shapes in my underarms.

I went Berserk, squirming so wildly that I knocked my head against the wall several times. It took everything in me not to curl into a friking ball and look like a fool.

I was starting to wear down, turning into a laughing mess.  I gathered strength to give one last push to get him off me. He just ended up using my own weight against me to yank me down to the floor on my belly. He sat on my hands and pulled my shirt up over my head so I couldn't see.  Then I felt his fingers on my now bare torso.

I yelped, slamming my legs in aggravation.

Every rib plucked by his cold hands, every squeeze to my sides every time he bear clawed my back, I went further into panic stricken laughter.

I was starting to lose feeling in my hands , his bear *** sitting on them. When he did let them go he quickly transitioned, pinning me with one hand and all his weight.  He was heading to my feet.

I got desperate and was reduced to scrambling.  As soon as I felt him lift up I made another escape attempt, but he dragged me down again.  He ended up plopping himself down on my ankles, his back facing me. Then the worse tickling started.

He peeled my socks off, only teasing at first.  He flicked just a finger up and down my soles making me twitch, provoking me.

I couldn't believe he could still do this after all these years.

His pace intensified as he  raked his nails up and down from the ball of my foot to my heel. Albeit slow, this torture was insanely ticklish.  My bare soles spasmed to every move his fingers made.  He was tormenting every nerve.

I was hysterical, spilling out gales of laughter and starting to pound my fists on the carpet. Though laughing hard, I managed to squirm my way onto my back.

Stupidly I sat up and used this chance to punch him in the side.  I called myself getting payback but  it didn't do anything but **** him off.

"Wrong move buddy." HE said as I felt the tickling on my soles escalate, much faster and harder..

I screamed breathlessly for him to let me go, pleading and begging just the any other time.  I tried so hard to escape, but i was in no position.  After a while I was even to weak to try.  I just had to lay there as he tickled me into helplessness.  The most i could do was pull the back of his shirt feebly, gasping and tearing.

Like most other times he ignored me, and continued on full force.  He had clearly won and had to add insult to injury.  He continued until i had almost completely stopped laughing, and just coughed.  

When he did let me go, he pushed my head down so called "lovingly."  He headed upstairs saying "See kid, Nothings really changed at all...Haha."
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I had an opposite experience when I went to visit my cousins. They got me! Really got me! I was bigger and older, but they outnumbered me and tackled me to the ground. My shoes, socks, shirt and even shorts were ripped off, leaving me only in my boxers. Their ticklish fingers were all over my body. My bare feet, soles and toes were unmercifully tickled even kissed and sucked on.
They ended up taking my boxers off leaving me naked because I wouldn't let them stay up late. They hid all my clothes making me walk around in a cheap and flimsy towel.
I got them back later as they fell asleep on the sofa. I peeled off their socks and tied them up, then went to town on their tan, smooth bare feet.

Growing up i had THREE older cousins who loved to do this to me. One time when i was like 14, I slept over their house. We spent the night in the basement. Watching tv, playing video games and such. I remember wearing a tank top and shorts. We started having a tournament in a football video game. I beat all three of them and started saying how unbeatable I was. The oldest of the three said "we should knock him off his pedestal" I figured he was talking about the game. So I was like let's go I've been beating you all night. So he said " bout three of us against you" I said thing I know all 3 are on top of me. The oldest rolled me over until i was laying on top of him and he held my arms in a full Nelson and he scissor locked my legs with his. Then the other two started tickling me...One tickling my underarms and ribs and the other on my barefeet. Now, my feet are sickly ticklish. I mean if my et itch and I scratch it I can actually make myself's sick. Anyway...I was a screaming, laughing mess. They tickled me for about 20 minutes. I actually couldn't even make a sound anymore. They just stopped and let me go. I was just laying there, breathing heavy and coughing like I ran 42 miles. They just laughed at me. The next morning as I was leaving, my middle cousin said to me "hey next week, if u want, we are having a sleepover with friends from school, if I wanted to join it would be cool...more for a football tournament." My older cousin said " should come...gonna be like 11 of us...u make 12..easier for the tournament and maybe some more laughs" with that they both started tickling me into the couch. I flipped over the couch and bolted out of there as if my life depended on it which in this did lol.

Haha, wow what a thorough tickling they gave you. Cousins are sadistic ticklers.

Yeah they r. Especially I guess if your like me...insanely ticklish which by your story you are too lol

You're ADORABLE ;)

Your descriptions of your tickling are awesome! Love your stories!

Thanks, glad you like them :)

I will tell you they are quite exciting and inspirational.

Hmm inspirational? As in they inspire you to go out and give someone a good tickle? Or Vice Versa?

I do all the tickling around here baby. I meant inspirational in a very hot and sexy way. Your stories light my tickle fire!

Ah I see..haha, well any inspiration is good. Glad to hear it

Yes I would love to have you tied up nice and tight on my bed right now and find out just how ticklish those soles of yours are.

Oh jeeze lol ...I cant imagine how tickly that would feel. My toes are flexing a little

Not as much as they would be when I ran my feather all over your helpless bare soles!

ha, im twitching already...Im pretty ticklish there

I love boys who have feather ticklish soles! How sexy!

Thanks :)

No thank you, your hot descriptions of your foot tickling are extremely hot!

Lol oh yeah? They usually get very thorough torturous tickling\'s....sometimes whether I want it or not

I really love it that your soles are that ticklish and would give them, the most merciless tickle torture they\'ve ever had! I love it even more when you don\'t want it!

Lol as do a lot of ppl. Sometimes it makes it a little more fun if the person doesn\'t want it, but you can still make them laugh hard.

I have always loved the idea of taking a tickle victim by force and tickling their feet against their will. You have no idea how hot that thought is to me!!!

Lol hey, I don\'t wana keep filling up this section. If you wana talk more feel free to send me a msg.

Inbox I mean

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you should sneak into his room while he's sleeping and smash his shins with a baseball bat and says he'll get the same any time he ever does that to you again. my brother used to treat me this way as a kid and it gave me ptsd (post-traumatic stress disorder). it was extremely painful and i still have the occasional nightmare.

Nice story. Thanks for sharing!

Np, glad you liked it.

Just imagine you are 40 years old and people still do
this to you!
Happens to me fairly often, but with 2 or more people, and
I think I'm gonna die from it. Worse than it was when I was a

Wow, still happens even now? Wild, lol

That's an awesome story.

Thanks, nice user name btw.

Thank you :)

Great story! Did you ever get revenge?

No, lol. I cant say i haven't tried though.

nice story :)