Pleasure/Pain Of Tickle Torture

I've been deathly ticklish since a baby and for me to be seriously
tickle-tortured, (as opposed to vanilla "play" that only lasts a few
minutes), is the wildest roller-coaster ride I ever get on.

There are some key spots on my anatomy that produce instant
reflex nerve & mental reactions of the most agonizing type, the
most serious of those being intense STRUGGLING and FEAR.

When I am restrained helpless and tickled it builds in intensity
until I lose my mind with hysteria and surrender control over my
bodily functions. This produces a mental and emotional "high"
no drugs can match.

I used to be terrorized by getting tickled, but I found out the dark
side has a bright side: physical, mental and emotional release
from stress. The harder I laugh the more depression and worry

Its the best/worst thing that ever happens to me. Try it!

P.S.- Pics of me in ticklish agony in my Profile Public Photos
kulshady kulshady
41-45, M
1 Response Sep 20, 2012

Same here its more bearable now but ive come to like it