Car Tickle Trap

This was a recent one about a friend that's extremely ticklish.

This particular time a few friends and myself took a day long road trip. Most of the day we spent riding, 5 of us cramped in one car. We were on our way back home, tired of being cramped, just ready to be out of the car. My friend Joey apparently was the most cranky of us all, he was acting like an *** most of the trip back, being a wise aker etc. We were all a little tired, but he was really pushing it. It even got to the point where he called me a Fukr..... He had to pay for that one. When we were just a few hours away, I decided enough bitching is enough.

One thing I know about my friend Joey...he like me is extremely ticklish..only he absolutely HATES being tickled. But since he had no problem being an ***, I had no problem thinking of some way to exploit his weakness.

I just had to coax him into giving up a limb or opening up a body part. So knowing he was already in a bad mood, I taunted him.

It didn't take much to get him to the point where he took off his seat belt, turned around in his seat and extended his arm to hit me. As he did I grabbed his wrist and shirt and dragged him over through the middle of the car. His upper body was mostly in the back seat now, and he was stretched across the console, flat on his belly.

Before he could even finish his statement.

"What the Frik Are you...???!.........Man NOO!!"

He felt my fingers wiggling in the stretched hollow of his underarm, through his shirt.

Immediately he burst into thunderous guffaw's, struggling to pull himself back into the front seat, uselessly swatting at my blitzing hand. 

He was trapped, not only did I have his arm, but it wasn't the most spacious car. It was hard for him to move anywhere really. My two other friends joined in, grabbing him and pulling him further into the back seat.

As they held his arms, I had both hands free to torment the hell out of Joey. Now both my hands crept under him, attacking his open underarms. As my tickling speed increased so did the volume of his howls.

Jeff, the driver was cracking up at all of this.

And of course I had to rub it in a bit, I was still a little annoyed with his name calling.

So as I continued I taunted.

"Who's a fukr now Buddy!!!!??!" I told him I might think about stopping if he cried uncle. And of course he did cry uncle, over and over and over through his hysterical yammering.

As if his torment wasn't enough already my other two friends joined in.

We attacked Joey's underarms, bare sides and belly simultaneously.

He went feral.

I noticed his legs kicking and slamming against the dashboard up front. He flailed so much he kicked one of his own shoes off. All I remembered thinking was that he was lucky I couldn't reach his feet, knowing how painfully ticklish they are.

What a missed opportunity, watching his socked foot wriggle around desperately, how tempting.

We could feel his arms trying to pull away harder, and see his head shaking, face turning red.

Since he was acting like a donkey we weren't planning on stopping, but we had to. Jeff said his kicking legs and feet were making it hard to drive. Blegh.

So eventually we let him go. He hated every second of it, but kept his mouth shut till we got back.

Funny enough, once we got back, they all decided to gang up on me. Actions =reactions and all that. Just another experience I had with friends.

Ticklishguy777 Ticklishguy777
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2 Responses Nov 25, 2012

If only you'd got his feet .. this would have been the biz but they'll be other chances!

Yeah, it would have been even better If I could reach his feet. He cant stand it there. But like you said, there will be other chances...Cant run forever, hehe

Nice story. Thanks for sharing. Did they get you bad?

Pretty bad yeah, pinned down and all.

Well to bad you could not get his feet

Yeah a missed opportunity, I know they are deathly ticklish.

Oh that is a missed opportunity if they are deathly ticklish. So unfortunate. Did they tickle your feet?

Yes, with a bit of diffucutly, me bouncing around and all.

Ah gotcha. Yeah that could be bad if you were pinned down and it is a bad spot. They have your legs pinned down to tickle your feet?

Which part sounds like you?

Ah, a favorite spot of alot of ticklers

But lucky for him...I couldnt reach them..It would have been even worse if I could

Ha, sometimes I dont mind as long as it doesnt get to to intense.

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