Funny Tickling Fantasy 😁

So I waz sitting in bed reading a book... ok I'll be realistic :/ I waz sitting on my bed playing on my iPod... Better ^_^ and my friend Zac came in. I had no idea because I waz still paying attention to my iPod. And HE thought it would be funny to tickle my foot! So he crept over and spider-tickled my foot gently and I SCREAMED and POPPED up! Then I sed "DUDE! Don't touch my foot!!!!". He sed "Y not?? U ticklish?". "NO! -.-". "Really??". "Really! Now AWAY!". He knew I waz ticklish from then and he decided to crawl up my back and tickle my sides. Not cool XD! I screamed and curled up in a ball and started kicking at Zac. Then when he got done and left the room. He came back holding something heavy, but I had no idea what it waz. I didn't bother... Looked like a torture device though :/. He finally sed "U wanna try it?". "Idk what it is so... No" "It's a stock 😏 it'll be fun I promise I won't tickle u!". And OF COURSE he had his fingers crossed but OF COURSE I didn't notice! So I put my feet in the stocks and he locked me up as well as tied my arms behind me. He began to poke my feet and I yelled "NO! DON'T!!!!". He sed "Well I had my fingers crossed and u can't do anything about it sooooo..." he began to crawl up my feet. I couldn't STAND IT! I tried to kick at him (natural reflex) but I couldnt move! Then he started spider-tickling my feet which is the WORST kind for me!!!! I went into a laughing frenzy! He sed "U want me to stop?". All I could say waz "STAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!". Then he moved up to my sides and stomach. He went up and down my sides and eventually found one of my most ticklish spots (besides my feet XD) which is right between my sides and ribs!!!! I ABSOLUTLEY went crazy!!!! I waz twisting around as much as I could without breaking anything. I could barely breathe and I waz just a screaming, laughing mess! He then moved up to my WORST spot! Even worse than my feet! My neck XD!!!! I just turned into a thrashing screaming breathless giant heap of ticklishness!!!! It waz horrible!!!! But finally stopped when he realized I couldn't breath. He sed "Lol I thought u would pee ur pants XD". "I don't do tht anymore ^_^"

AND PEACE!!!! Btw (Zac) will be making the next one where HE gets tickled!!!! ❤
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Hehe did you actually hate it? :P

Lol I kinda liked it ^_^ 😁