My Ups And Downs With Tickling

Tickling Experiences are usually fun and interesting. It always fun to have a little back and forth with someone of similar sensitivity. Watching the results of your mischievous actions is the best. I love memorizing the uneasy look on their face as their body starts to tense. Watching their body clumsily jerk about, and of course those shrill giggles and sometimes crazy hysterical laughter.

Letting your fingers poke, prod and whisk about a person's most vulnerable spots...Priceless. Ticklish inspections often reveal weak spots on a soft pair of soles, or on a quivering bare torso.

It can be a nice way to flirt, just teasing others with tickling....Or it can help humble people, knocking them off their high horse so to speak..Hilarious

On the down side however, I find that sometimes tickling can definitely work against you. If I'm in a Jam, totally unable to retaliate, or ganged up on, I'm at the mercy of others.

It's difficult when you get to the point where you'll do anything to make it stop. For me, Its like a point where most other things disappear, and all that exists is your wriggling body, desperatly trying to cover up from their unyeilding fingers. I have been tickled and tickled and tickled until I agree to whatever, because of this easily exploited Achilles' heel.

For me one problem came when trying to be intimate with past gf's. They had to be extremely careful when getting close because the slightest touch or rub to a tickle spot could send me reeling. Annoying.......

Certain people also saw fit to use prolonged tickling as a punishment, which can be fun depending on who I guess.

Anyway those are my ups and downs with tickling. It would be interesting to hear yours??
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You wrote that tickling can humble someone- more like humiliate! Being
horribly ticklish has been a huge embarrassment for me at times. Like
as an adult I can be reduced to the emotional level of a 5 year old just
by somebody tying me down and tickling my foot bottoms, and its
completely out of my control. I'll write one experience down where I was
totally embarrassed by getting tickled in front of older people.

Yeah it can be intense and humiliating at times, heh. Especially when you didn't ask for it.

I've NEVER asked to be tickled- it just HAPPENS.

lol ive rarely been tickled ^_^ *guffaws* ehm i guess downs would be that sometimes ppl genuinely dont wanan be tickled and are scared or wahtever and theyre forced into it, i read another story where one girl was really scared and cried after she was tickle tortured and i felt really sad for her. maybe she was crying from laughing i might have read it wrong. but its just hwo i read it. basicfally i htink tickling is ok, as long as its not over done. or like made to make someong feel bad or stuff. unless they did somethign REALLY bad :D xoxo

oh! i forgot to give u a heart! <3 i love ur stories!

Thanks :)

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I'm not ticklish anywhere, I actually feel kind of sad about it. My ex tried to tickle me but it didn't work. They tried everywhere, but no avail. Sad :-(

Not Anywhere? Wow...thats to bad.

Hey ghostlys! I love a "challenge" like you. I have a buddy that
from a child nobody could get so much as a giggle out of him
by tickling. He bragged how he was totally insensitive to tickling,
meanwhile he was tickling his friends, (like me), nearly to death.
Well one day his 2 brothers and I were horsing around and
tied him spread-eagle to a couch. He was just wearing a pair
of cutoffs and I straddled his hips and "went to work". I poked
at him for like 20 minutes while he smiled, bored with it all...
UNTIL I happened to grab him just below the last ribs on both
sides. Wish you could have seen the horrified look on his face
when he realized IT TICKLED BAD and he started screaming!
Man, I gave it to him until he wet himself, then let both his
brothers have a try. That guy's payback was one soul-satisfying
experience- I'm here to tell you.
You say a GIRL tried tickling you? I dare you to ***** to your
undies and let 2 GUYS tie you down and search you out. Love
to be there to see and hear it!