Another thing I've discovered lately is how much it tickles when my toes are nibbled on. I was being tickled by a guy who's really into feet so he was laying by my legs and licking my toes. He would put a couple of my toes in his mouth and then suck on them and lightly rake his teeth over them. Oh my God I SCREAMED. I didn't expect it to tickle that much. He would spread my toes and hold them apart so his tongue could get between them and I was arching off the bed! THEN when he was doing with that, my toes were 100 times more ticklish bc they were wet with his saliva. I lost my voice during that session, lol
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Mmmm delicious!

Sounds wonderful

Yes, my wife loves that too. I'll sit on her legs, bend down and put both her big toes in my mouth, then pull her toes back with my teeth. My tongue does circles around her big toes while I lightly scrape my nails along her soles at the same time. It sends her to the moon!

He's the LUCKIEST guy in the world!

Lol well thank you ;) I loooooove having my feet and toes tickled it turns me on so much.