Tickle Phobia

I have a serious fear of being tickled to death. When I get tickled I laugh so hard that I can't breath and I end up having a panic attack and I usually cry hysterically. It sounds funny but it scares me that I can't breath. In the past whenever I started a new relationship with a guy I would sit them down and make them promise me not to ever tickle me because I am so extremely ticklish and I will freak out.

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Aww I'm sorry to hear that. I have a couple phobias myself, but none about tickling.... in fact, when I have a panic attack, very few things work to calm me down (as you may know, since you also suffer from them) BUT if I'm in the throes of a panic attack I have actually found that a nice solid sneak attack will completely make me forget my panicked state and I can get balanced again. There are other things that work but I LOVE being tickled. I'm sorry you have that kind of experience though, it must be rough.

i wanna tickle you

omg i think i have a dear of tickling (but not with feathers so i dont know). when my friends tickle me, i just laugh so hard, close my eyes, hit and kick everywhere, trying to escape them. its just a reflex, which i must admit, is violent. and i cant control it HAHA. anyways, i also imagine that some random hand or something sharp with just tickle/ scratch the soles of my foot and i just get so paranoid that i have to either put on socks, shoes or put my feet together (facing each other) so nothing can touch it. god im mentally weird. i something wrong with me? :(


Well, i don't have a phobia about being tickled, But I sure don't much like to be tickled. My brother would tickle me (While tied up!) for sometimes an hour or more.!<br />
I LOVE tickling girls like you, actually, no, not when you panic, and can't breathe, but I love tickling extremely ticklish girls that hate it and can't take it. Sorry, they're more fun to tickle:)

Finally ive found somebody who fears tickling most of my friends have a fetish that i didnt know about until they came up behind me and my enemy held back my arms behind my back and 2 of my other friends tickled my sides it was TORTURE!!!! now everytime i go to PE i have to watch my back for them its so annoying thats why im always wondering why people want to be tickled so bad i guess i just have the phobia :

I have the exact same phobia, Jay11. As far as not laughing so hard, it seems to be impossible for me. I laugh so hard I can't breathe and then end up crying. I feel I cannot control it once it starts coming on. It turns into a panic attack. Then it takes several minutes for me to calm down to where I can breathe and stop crying. I think I know WHY tickling makes me feel this way...but I don't know HOW to keep it from happening if I am tickled (which is not very often!) <br />
And what is the name of this phobia? I have found that Pteronophobia is the fear of being tickled with feathers, but I have no fear of feathers.

maybe if you didnt laugh so hard it wouldnt be so much fun 4 them. I used 2b the same way ,but afraid of feathers and birds . im not afraid of bieng tickled anymore but im still afraid of birds tickling me 2 death.its really embarrising cause im a guy ,a tough guy at that! i can really fight pretty good ,but i couldt stand the thought of being tickled 2 long. i kind of like bieng tickled with fingers its kind of fun and can turn me on but only if im expecting it. think of it as fun ,hell, tickle them back and put them on the defense they will try and get away from u

hi,i just wrote a story i actually mentioned you in it,well your phobia,i am glad i know someone who feels the same but i feel bad that your so scared,anyway i hope your ok.want we'll go to martial arts and if anyone mess's with us we'll kick @ss? lol,take care xx