Tickle Abuse!!!

 Well i could write 500 different stories so i'll try and fit alot in! like another member i am scared incase i die of laughing if i get tickled,if i get tickled alot i would also pee,NOT GOOD!! my partner will tickle me if we have a fight and i am in a mood or if i dont want to well if your old enough to be reading this i think you'll get the message,anyway so to get me to do what he wanyts he would just tickle me i can't take it and it's a case of anything to get him to stop,when i say to him sbout it and what he does he says "it's not as is i'm hurting you,your giggling,i stop to let you breath(how thoughtful)"my friends boyfriend's one in particular used to torture me i actually stopped going out with her if he was there thankfully the broke up,recently at a friends a guy came in i knew and i was leaning over her freezer speaking to her and he poked me in the ribs and when i laughed and jump he said **** your tickly and thought nothing better of pinning me to the floor and tickling me half to death,lucky i was just back from the loo or i would have pee'd the floor,i always asked if he was in or would be in at any point when i was there,once she told me he wasn't there and he was i sh!!!!t myself when i walked in the door and saw him,she said "sorry hen,i just hated you being to scared to come over,he promised he wouldn't do it again",i was a bag of nerves i was trying to act calm but!!!!!!!!!!! just as he was going i was on the floor watching tv and i was lying in a weird folded position and he  sat on me and stated tickling me again,my friend stopped it as she did before but not before he had me in hysterics which doesn't take long so my friend did stop it asap,so thats my reason/s for being here,oh and i am a thirty year old women and my daughter is nearly four,so i know how embarrassing it is,i feel for you all lol,oh hence my nickname for the group,haha,L xx

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Hi, i am arun ........my pet name is ticklearun.........I LOVE TICKLING and YOGURT, can u add me..........do u like that........, can u answer my tickle questions,,,.........

1, R u ticklish?

Omg! Yeah!


A little bit

Not at all I wouldnt laugh or crack a smile

2 Do u like to be tickled

I don't mind it

Its ok

Yes!!!!! I love it!!!!!

Ugh! I hate it!

3 Where r u ticklish

Please select all that apply.







Im not ticklish

4 If someone starts tickling u whats ur reaction

Scream and laugh and flail arms

Scream and laugh

Pee ur pants


Punch that person

Giggle slighty

No reaction

5 If someone starts tickling ur feet what do u do

Scream and laugh like a maniac

Laugh loudly

Beg them to stop

start tickling them to see how it feels

Slap them


No reaction

6 If u started tickling a nonticklish person how would you get them to laugh?

Start massivly tickling them all over

Try using feathers

sneak attack them and start tickling them

I am nonticklish too and there isnt anything u can do about it

7 How long would you last before laughing

I would start laughing even before starting

0-10 seconds

1minute-30 minutes



8 Do you think nonticklish people are boring

No. I want to be one I HATE being ticklish


Yeeeeeah! Soooo boring!

I am nonticklish and Im not boring

9 Do u ever with u were a nonticklish person

YESSS! I wanna be one but I dont know how

It depends.

Not really. I like being tickled. Yeah I know, I'm weird.

I am already not ticklish

10 If someone said they're going to ticke u whats ur reaction

Scream and hide

Beg them to not tickle u

Let them tickle u

Let them tickle u, ur not ticklish.

11 Have u ever said "Im not ticklish" to get out of being tickled

Yess! All the time!

Yep, but it never works


Yes, and people dont believe me. and then they tickle me and there is no laughing or smiling

I'd hold your arms above your head and wiggle my fingers on each armpit, one at a time, driving you crazy and trying to wiggle free. I work my way down and gently dig my fingers into your hip bone! You jump and squirm. Then I send gentle pokes to your ribs!

Had enough tickling yet? :)

Tickling your feet with baby oil and a brush!

I use all 10 fingers to tickle you! Armpits first, then hips and everything in between!

Now I tickle your ribs with all 10 fingers digging lightly into them. You squirm to try to get away from me, but I won't hear of it! Lol.

Tickling you all over using yogurt on your armpits & feet. Did u like my tickling............please add me.........we can tickle

Awww so cute I'd love a shot at you

This is my story,I was reading it there thinking that happened to me,I have changed my name to lovestories1979 as i sounded like some type of dominating female lol,new partner for two years who tickles me but i trust him and know it's out of fun,felt compelled to let yous know this,i have asthma that was the dying phobia i thought i would have an attack but my new partner would never allow me to become distressed the old,one did xx

Glad to hear. If you have a bad tickler. Your experience will be bad. If you have a good tickler. It can be great. :)

I can tottally relate to how embarrassing it can be and how hard it is to take, i'm the same way, but now, i do the tickling, and someone like you i would tickle senseless as much as i could:) sorry, That's just me:)

I know exactly how you feel and it's not at all funny when someone takes agvantage of you like that.

You won't die. At the worse, you would pass out.

Thats hot. There is no need to pass out. And experienced tickler, knows how far to take you. Tickling can be great forplay.

Aww i feel so sorry for you.. i love it but i know that feeling..