Making Him Nervous:)

we have no real close neighbors at home so we can be as loud as we want anythime we want and this is a very good thing for me. there is not a day that he doesnt pound me to a screaming ****** at least once and usualy more. but......we are not ALWAYS at home now are we? if i try to keep it all in me it feels like my head is gonna blow up! i have to moan and scream and it kills me if i have to try to be quiet.
we went to town before xmas and spent the night at a hotel and it was pretty full from everybody coming for shopping and all. was not a total dump but you could tell if people next door were in the shower or if the tv was loud. iknew what that meant and i could tell dad noticed to.
later.....dinner....shower........into bed. we were both so hot from haveing to behave ourselves all day that as soon as my *** hit the mattress we were all over each other. i was moaning not way loud but nice. he pushed his **** into me and i lost it! let 1 long yell out and his eyes got so big! hes trying to get me to be quieter but he is still ******* me so hows that gonna work out?
hes kissing me as i moan and cry into his mouth. he starts really ******* me hard and puts his hand over my mouth like that was gonna make a difference. i m ******* and screaming for him to **** me through his hand. he about to explode in me and his hand comes off my mouth just when i scream at the t op of my lungs ***** me full of of your hot *** daddy* hes losing his **** and yelling *here it comes baby* took a long time for us to cool down and we noticed the room was very tv or shower next door or anything. hope they enjoyed it as much as we did :)
probaly have to find a different hotel next time!
2 Responses Jan 20, 2013

Not sure you realize this but your loud climax "O" really does help your partner to *** even harder than normally he would. You help him and he helps you. Very nice combination. Please add me as a friend.

That is awesome. My wife never makes a peep. The only thing that let's me know she's ******* is feeling her **** muscles contracting around my ****, choking it. I can tell you that it's so boring ******* her because she has no feedback. Unless I'm playing a fantasy in my head, it's like ******* a ************ sleeve. I wish she would give some feedback, moan, groan, something.
We were in FL this past weekend. The couple was having sex in the adjoining room around 11:30pm. I could hear her groaning and moaning as he pounded her. I even heard her having her ******. My wife thought it was rude of them, but I was encouraging them. This happened all three nights. Turns out, they were older than us.
So, be as loud as you want.