The Torturous Comedown

Practically EVERY time i get to day 7 of eating little to nothing, i end up binging. Seriously, it is always on the seventh day & i have no idea why.
I just really am pissed. Because then i crave junk food the next day after having a taste of it the night before.
I took my pills tonight though & i'm not hungry at all, so that is "good".

I'm crashing & everyone keeps speaking WAY too loud, laughing, yelling. It is so unbelievably irritating. The only thing i could compare it to is if you were sound asleep in bed and someone blew a fog horn right into your ear.
That's how annoyed i get by everything when i am coming down. It's torture.
Like, how am i even "crashing" when i never got a high from it today? WTF.
Not even alcohol interests me right now. I just sit and stare and think about taking another sip, but it's like i am frozen and it's such a giant effort to move.
Searchingsoul9 Searchingsoul9
18-21, F
Nov 30, 2012