We've Lost Our House Due To Unfair Astronomical Bankruptcy Charges.

My husband went bankrupt over three years ago, he's now discharged from bankruptcy of course. He was made bankrupt for a relative small amount-£850.00, this was a genuine mistake but of course when your made bankrupt something happens where they call in all your your other creditors and this totalled  just over £15k.
My husband acknowledged this debt but the insolvency practitioner kept saying "dont worry you've plenty of time" no body has helped and we have been fully cooperative with these people. 
We've tried to raise funds to cover the astronomical costs. Firstly they said the charges including the £15k was £24k then it went up £38K then in April things looked a "" little brighter"" because it had come down to £27k but the from April to July its £41k plus they wanting 5% charge just for the sake of it but the other day on the solicitors desk I saw a charge of £57K that we are expected to pay all for the sake of £850.00.  
They wanted vacant possesion of our beautiful home so our solicitor told us to put it up for sale before they did that. Our children were distraught and I am so angry. 
They say our charges are so high because when other people go bankrupt who cant pay the money back they have to get it from people who can from the equity in their homes.
We dont even know if we'll have anything left to start fresh. Our hearts are breaking.
Has anyone else experienced this?
Stella x
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1 Response Aug 12, 2010

Nice post....its really very helpful....thanks for sharing...i really agree with u...i'll try to gather some experience from your post...