New To Bankruptcy - How Do I Cope With How It Is Making Me Feel?

Up until 3 years ago I had everything.  A good relationship a good job a car and a lovely home.  Then my partner left me taking with him two thirds of the household income. Although the house was also in his name he left me and didnt contribut to any of the bills. 3 years down the line my house got repossessed and i now live in a bedsit.  I had to give my car back to the loan company and I still owed them money!  I filed for bankruptcy just this month.  I cant describe how it makes me feel - failure,cheap, not worthy of my friends and family and deceitful with my work colleagues.  It has a devastating affect on me.  How do others deal with this?-
legalgirl1 legalgirl1
Aug 12, 2010