Being In Debt Sucks!

Last July I had surgery to remove a kidney stone that I suffered with for 5 months and was stuck.  I was in the hospital for a week.  After calculating all the various doctor, ambulance and hospital fees I owe over $100,000 for this ordeal!!!  The hospital stay alone was $90,000!  (Did I mention no medical insurance???)  I've been totally stressing over this.  I'm not sure what's more debt that I can't possibly pay or the kidney stone!  I'm saving money so I can file bankruptcy soon

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I did things the right way,i saved my money invested and bought a nice home that was well within my budget.Then tradegy struck.I lost my good paying job a few months after buying a house due to the economic meltdown, my ex decided to quit a good steady paying job in the middle of this.I worked my butt of working any job i could find to make the bills.I used up all my savings and struggled to make the minimum payments on my credit cards.i contacted everyone i owed and explaned the situation all to no avail.Until this point in my life i paid all my bills on time all the time now that i am hurting all the banks start nailing me with high interest rates and all the fees they could manage,after 3 years of fighting the fight i had to file chapter 7.My ex left me because she was tired of being broke,and i lost all that i worked my whole life for.It was very hard but i maintained my house payment and tried to salvage what was left and then i contracted viral meningitis last august.I had insurance but i couldnt work for almost 3 months.I finally gave in and let the bank have the house,I didnt reafirm the debt so it was still under the chapter 7 relief.I recieved my chapter 7 discharge over 2 years ago.I now have a credit card that i pay in full every month and a inexoensive car payment to try and re establish my credit.I save even more now and yhink twice before counting on my income.Life has gone on for me but it has made me wary and skitish.It hurts to think how it all ended.For the longest time i felt like a falure as a man but i realized i was not alone.The best way to cope with the emotional turmoil is to find people who can relate and talk to them.It worked for me.GOOD LUCK AND keep your head held are not alone

NOBODY wants to face bankruptcy. It brings a sense of shame and failure. My husband and I have been grappling with this issue for months, and have finally decided to move forward...My parents would be rolling in their graves to see me in this position. I was raised with a strong christian work ethic that reinforced hard work, self reliance and pride. They lived this all their lives and instilled in me to do the same. I finally had to get my arms around the fact that they did not have to deal with this economy, job situations or housing market which put so many homeowners under water on their mortgages. Our income dropped 25% over the last 4 years, add banks who WILL not renegotiate our loans, credit card companies who have rewarded our perfect payment record with higher rates and lower available credit, $75, 000 in uncovered medical expenses and other emergencies which left us no choice but to turn to credit AGAIN. We have struggled SO hard these LAST YEARS. After cutting living expenses to the bone, liquidating precious 401k's (which would have provided some measure of additional security for our retirement 15 years from now) to try and meet expenses we've been financially and emotionally drained - the worst kind of stress a marriage can endure. I decided to look around: BIG business plays the bankruptcy card at the drop of a hat, without so much as a scratch on them. The federal bailout has been a joke. Major financial institutions who fed mightily at the bailout trough are the SAME institutions squeezing the rest of us dry. HAMP is a joke because banks won't cooperate and creditors are kicking us all while we're down by capping limits and raising rates???? If we file our 2nd will now be treated as unsecured debt (due to the drop in our home value!) and we're done with them in FIVE years. Ditto revolving debt, GONE in five years. We'll keep our home and cars, We will have to live CASH and CARRY for the next 5-7 years, but isn't that EXACTLY what we'd be trying to do if we truly wanted to get free of the credit trap? For those of you in the same boat, be easy on yourselves. Put your foot on the accelerator and don't look back in the rearview mirror. LEARN from the experience, vow to NEVER put yourselves BACK in the same position and greet the future with optimism. Bankruptcy won't last forever, but the peace of mind will be priceless :)

I would like to know about filing bankruptcy... i have a similar situation as PrincessT I didnt have medical insurance and had to stay in intensive care and i cant pay for it am thinking of bankruptcy,,, can someone please tell me what happens, i dont want to loose my home or my car?

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I have been there as well and just couldn't come up with the fees for a bankrutpcy lawyer. I had a boyfriend at the time that had gone through it and he suggested I look into a non-attorney that does all the paperwork for much cheaper. The one I used was great, a nice, young woman who seemed so understanding. She did a great job. If you are interested in her info let me know and I cna dig it up pretty quickly.

I have been there too...stress from bills...I't is very hard to make it ...when you can't afford health insurance.You just don't plan on being have to do what you have to do...bankrupcy.You have to look out for your your best interest.