Losing What Seems to Be Everything

Well, I am adding my name to this group. My Gran and I live together and yes we are both filing bankruptcy. Life sure does suck about now.

Don't think I will bore you with long details as to how we got in the mess we are in, but will say we did not do this alone. Have many family members who depended on us many times, some took, some stole, most all gave no thought of what it was doing to us fianacially.

We are losing our home we have only had for little over a year, suppose to be our dream home. I already lost my car, repossed last week. That was a huge loss, been driving new cars ever since been out of nursing school and was making good money, now disabled and not as much money driving a 92 buick lasbre.

Most of all losing my cats or some of them or maybe even all. Gran is losing her dog which has become her companion.

Of course there are many possesion we much give up. Finding apartments won't be easy as they require applications and well obviously our credit is in dumptster and no refrences.

This is so hard to bare.

Rachel4now Rachel4now
31-35, F
2 Responses Apr 13, 2008

I too lost all i worked for, my car, house, savings, retirement,my fiance left me because she was tired of being broke,and my dignity when i had to file bankrupcy,they put your name in the paper and you can be googled so all can know your shame but i struggle on and persevere its takes more courage to go on than to hide you are not alone in this and i will pray for you.Regardless of what anyone says prayers are heard and answered. I prayed for money when i was struggling but what i got was the strength to go on.good luck and i hope that you too gain the strength to go on through your ordeal

Gosh, I know EXACTLY how you are feeling and it is definitely not any fun - but you WILL get through this, as hard as that is to believe. You are actually quite young so you have so much promise ahead of you - bankruptcy does NOT last forever! As far as looking for a place to live, try CraigsList as a lot of people can't afford to live in their homes anymore so they are renting them out and they empathize with people in your situation. As hard as it is (coming from somebody who is right where you are), try to stay positive and try to envision your life a few years down the road as a wonderful, promising new start full of possibilities!