For Better Or Worse

The last few years have been a roller coaster. Was looking forward to 2012 being the year of a fresh start until...........
My husband who had worked for the same company for 25 years with wonderful reviews quit his job. Yes, that's right folks he quit. Did I stay with him? Do I still love him? Will we make it through bankrupty and be able to "start fresh"? A little bit of background will be helpful. In 2008, I quit my job of 20 years to stay at home and take care of my mother who had a stroke. This was with my husband's ok. The money I had been making at my job was replaced in part by money from my mothers account. Actually short about $600.00 per month but we were making it ok. Mom, died in 2010 and I went back to work although it was difficult to find a job like the one I had left. In December 2010 we were in a car accident in which one passenger died and another was disabled. Both my husband and I were injured but are better now. I was let go from my job after the accident since my doctor was not sure of a return to work date. I was diagnosed with PTSD but thank goodness I am better now. I started a new job in October 2011 and love it. I was thinking all "Life is Good" but that was not to be. My husband's boss of 25 years died in November 2011 of cancer and her replacement turned out to be the boss from hell. My husband was stressed to max and was told he was not a team player and basically was worthless in the job he had done for years. My husband tried to please the new boss but started suffering from anxiety, depression and was at the point that for health reasons could not take one more day at his job. We talked about it and it was decided that he needed to quit before his health got the better of him. He did not give notice just walked into work the next day and quit. We had just purchased a new vehicle in October, had a Mc Mansion that was worth $50,000 less than what we paid for it and a second mortgage. Even though we were getting an insurance settlement for our injuries it was not enough to make all the payments we needed to. Chapter 7 here we come - Wish us luck as we go forward giving up all that we worked hard for for over 30 years. But to quote the Beatles " All you need is Love, Love, All you need is Love.
BetteRWorse BetteRWorse
Jan 25, 2012