Texas Chapter 7?

Can anyone give me some insight into what is life during and after filing chapter 7? Such as is it hard to rent an apartment or car? What can you do to avoid credit card companies taking your money from your account? What has been the worst thing? What is the best ? Will I ever sleep at night again? Anyone recommend a good attorney for Waco Texas filing? Please tell me there is light at the end of this pit of HELL.
Barbara2000 Barbara2000
1 Response Apr 17, 2012

I have filed bankruptcy twice, the main thing is to get a good attorney that knows what he or she is doing, don't fall for these that say they will do a good job for half the price because i did that once and I had to do all the leg work, he just told me what to do gave me all the paperwork. the attorney should do all that. You may pay more but its worth it. I went for the cheapest the first time and that's why I had to file again because it wasn't done right. Do it right the first time you will be glad you did, also don't leave anything out give them all your debt, they will tell you what they can and cant do. good luck and yes you will sleep again, just get control of your life and dont let it happen anymore. jv