Entering The Rebirth Process

After trying to remedy the situation, I have come to the conclusion I NEED HELP!! I am about to fix it all by filing for chapter 13. I don't mind, really. My circumstances don't involve alot of issues like credit cards, cell phones etc. I fell behind with mortgage payments due to car repairs and the process didn't fix itself. My bills were to be paid a certain time each month and the entire schedule got screwed. I'm not sure how entirely but, I know a few of the decisions I made could have been and should have been different. No one is to blame but me. Yet, I find this as no reason to be ashamed. Things happen in life and I am THANKFUL there is a net to catch me even if it is the last resort. I would wish more people could do this. I know everyone can't due to job loss , less pay, divorce, widowed etc.. I am blessed to still have my job and can afford to make all my payments and back owed payments too. I encourage anyone that feels they have no choice to make that choice I feel GREAT about it. I wish all a better day and a more blessed life than you could ever imagine. JUST BELIEVE :)
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2 Responses Aug 28, 2012

Creditors file proof of claims (POC) when they want to be paid in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. The POC is usually filed for the amount of money owed to that specific creditor.

I have a question for you does the creditor have to file for the amt of money owed with the trustee?And how was your chapter 13 plan worked out .