Filing Soon

My husband and I have made the decision to file bankruptcy. Even as I type this my phone is blowing up with creditors calling. The sense of failure is overwhelming and the guilt is nearly unbearable. We have two kids and have had a rough couple of years (who hasn't?). My husband and I both worked in the construction industry and at one time were doing very well. He is a journeyman carpenter and I worked in the accounting dept. In 2009 he was laid off in July, which is unusual, and we thought no big deal more work will come. It didn't after two years of searching for work he ended up working at a hardware store for not much more than minimum wage. About 6 months after he was laid off, I was too. At one point we were both unemployed at the same time with two children to feed and rent to pay. It was awful, I cashed out my 401K and that went so quickly! We were on food stamps and barely scraped by. I was able to find work again and we bought a manufactured home, because the mortgage was less than what the current rent rates were. That was a year ago, and things were still tight. We barely made the payments every month and whatever was left went to groceries. We fell behind on everything. Then I was promoted at work but it required I move across the country. My company paid for the move and everything would have been fine if the park where our home is located would have allowed us to rent the home. Technically they say we can but they need to approve the tenants, well 4 people later and they have yet to approve one! We could fight this with a lawyer but the retainers are too high. We placed the home on the market right away but there have been no interested parties. The promotion has been going well but every dime we make is going to maintain two households . We rented a cheap apartment and we don't have cable or anything like that. i was overdrafting my bank account at least $700 every month to try and keep up with payments and i just can't do it anymore. i met with a lawyer a few weeks back and he stated that this is my only option. I know when this is all over, i will be thankful for the second chance but in the meantime my head is clouded with guilt and remorse. Every time the phone rings I cringe. I wish I could just pay everyone off and make things right, but I can't.
monarch219 monarch219
26-30, F
Dec 11, 2012