Considering Bankruptcy

My financial situation is bad.  DH and I went to see a credit counselor and she said we have moe than enough reason to file bankruptcy.

It's very complicated because I have a house I can not pay for that my daughter's family lives in.  When I lose the house they will be homeless.

Most of the real problems are a result of a massive flood that ruined my house with 2 feet of water inside for 3 days.  Instead of just walking away from it then, i went way into debt to fix it and now can't pay for it.  It won't sell as is in the flood zone.

I'm reading the messages here on EP for support.

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I don't know if I should file or not. I'm getting divorced and am taking all the debt from the marriage on myself. She had never worked, so it was either split the debt and pay spousal support or take all the debt?? I'm just confused about how filing would affect my life and for how long?

i am a journalist looking for people in singapore who are facing bankruptcy proceedings or may already be in one. if you're willing to tell your story, and how you're coping in a period of recession, please let me know. i can be reached thru email -

i found this testimony from someone who filed bankruptcy minutes after i commented on your story'-<br />
H ey there, since the BR subject seems so taboo and you have to whisper about it and not tell anyone because of the shame you are supposed to feel about the mishandling of your finances, I am happy I found somewhere that I could shout from the hilltops that I am so relieved to be out of debt!<br />
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So yes I had to obliterate my credit to get here but I never thought it would happen. Now I can stay home with my babies and focus on my family, the most important thing in the world. The focus on trying to pay off my debt with no luck was seriously depressing me and making me feel as if I would NEVER move forward, as if I had no future. I would rather just pay cash for everything for the rest of my life than be in the kind of debt my early twenties no consequences attitude got me into! Hooray, I am free!<br />
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I just had to share this, thanks for reading

i am a lawyer.bankrptcy is to help you ,to gie you a period of grace for you to be free from pressures from is not an option to be scared sure means you cant contract as you would want to but then is there not a time for everything.<br />
again you may elect to lean more on THE GOD OF JESUS CHRIST who has the prerogative of making a way when there seems to be no can trust GOD OUT OF your FINANCIAL CRISIS.i will still be here to work out the options with you.dont give up,we all face hard times ,the grass is not always greener on the other side of the pasture.