No Light

I am a good horse trainer, but i got b injured and burned out. Then the bright idea occurred to me to head to nd and cash in on the oil boom. I started out working for a company and made good money. Then decided to go out on my own. There are so many success storys of people coming over here with change in there pockets and becoming wealthy in months. I teamed up with another start up and we had big plans. I had to leave my family at home and relocated to work and sat and sat and sat. We couldnt get the work. Competition was fierce. I wasted alsmost a year. I was at the breaking point when an unexpected call got the ball rolling. I got a good contract and my business grew rapidly. Last year i grossed 860k. Jobs kept coming from all directions so i continued to buy equipment. I couldnt keep up I had 8 full time employees and was 100 percent financed. I had to pay my help to much just to keep them and had major mechanical break downs but i was cashflowing and making paynents. As fast as the work came it left. I NEVER HAD ONE COMPLAINT FROM A CUSTOMER. It was things out of my control, at the end of my year contract a huge trucking company stepped in and di the job for 1/3 less than i could do just to break even. And now i have incurred about and addition 500k dollars worth of debt. We got by for 6 months or so doing random hot shot work and brokered loads.. I had a chance to work with a guy i knew years ago. It all seemed legit. I was a a mental breaking point. He offered to do the sales, billing and we could use his shop. All for 10 to 15% of my gross invoices. He did not have enough work for us AND WHEN WE DID WORK I DIDNT GET PAID. I sat on a 150k worth of invoices for 5 months. I threatened with legal actionand was hit with large bills from him for parking and shop use. When he finaly paid and deducted his bills and comission i lost money. There was nothing on paper between us. Just a hand shake. The invoice amounts were wrong and the comission ranged from 27% to 50%. I was in panic mode and consigned some equipment to a ritchey brs auction. They came out and appraised my equipment and the total would almost make me even. I got less than a 1/3 at auction and now owe on equipment i dont have. My wife cant handle the stress, phone is diconeted, no money for food, lost my mc authority, laid off employees, no insurance of any kind, bad checks everywhere. To broke to work. I cant quit bankruptcy isnt in me. I am sinking
shouldastayedcowboy shouldastayedcowboy
36-40, M
Sep 19, 2013