Im Done With The Stress

My story married 30yrs. Husband decided he needed a new life. (MIDLIFE ) thing I guess. Well he moved to Florida and left me with 2 homes to pay for and maintain. I think he thought I would just follow him , but Im still here in ohio. Anyways here's my nightmare. I make about 30,000 a year RETAIl . My now x moved and then filed bankruptcy not telling me he wasn't making payments on rental. I never had a clue but that's life, anyways here I am today with 2 foreclosures and now getting ready to file chapter 7. One home as been scheduled for action in the next few weeks. The other I was told could take another 2 years before anything is done. So instead of waiting on the mortgage company to come after me years down the road I have decided to file bankruptcy. No I don't want to but what else can I do. I can't make the 1000 per month house payment. I think it's funny when my x and I filled out the mortgage loan some years back , the bank had to know when they seen he made 90,000 per year and I made 12,000 there was NO WAY I COULD EVER MAKE THE PAYMENT...... But I am now divorced (HAPPY) and trying to find my way. I know there's more to life the owning a home and that's one thing I will never do again. HOME OWNER that's not my American dream, ENJOYING life is at the top of my list.
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1 Response Sep 22, 2013

I agree. No more homes!!! Not worth the stress.