Not Sure Where To Go

I filed Chapter 7 in August this year and I really never realized what it was going to do to my already hard situation. I, like many others, once had a great paying job, stability of an ox, and then it all went out the window. I had a bad breakup, I lost my car and my job, also had my words construed to someone and got into trouble so was then facing legal trouble. (My advice, don't lose your temper in Boston.) I still remember the court acting as if being charged with a low level misdemeanor was "no big deal" wow was that wrong. I never realized if charges are dropped, they still stick with you on your record. Long story short, I couldn't find work at many places that ran background checks, time passed and my skills became obsolete in IT. I tried to start my own company, no luck there. I moved to Seattle with my new gf, once we got there they forgot to run my credit and background check and I was denied. To add insult to injury, my crappy car I had bought was being repossessed that same day 3000 miles away at my moms in Michigan. I had no choice, the creditors after 3 years were coming out of the woodwork for their money. I filed Chapter 7 2 weeks later and here I am 5 months later. Back in Michigan, back at home, severely depressed about how to even go about trying to make a life. Where does a person go when they claim chapter 7 and haven't been able to find work? Add a background check issue to that and you really have a problem. I've had ideas of moving to Europe to try and avoid the whole mess but how realistic is that? I have thought about training in computers again in my home state but who will rent to me? Where would I live? I pray all the time that God will somehow let me back into the world or I turn 35 instantly and my background is gone and my Chapter 7 is old enough where I can buy a home or possibly even rent.

I wish you all luck, I feel for everyone of you.


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Hello, Trafik25,

Yes, I too am a member of this group. If you still want to try your hand abroad, you might want to think of Costa Rica. Pleasant environment, low cost of living, industrially developing. I haven't been there myself (my business wouldn't fit there), but I have several family members with excellent experiences down there. If you follow CM's advice, the important part is "sell, sell, sell." Look deep into your own heart and ask yourself whether you are really a super salesman. The answer to that question should help you decide how you want to go.

Hi Trafik,

We are in almost identical positions, aside from I haven't sent the bankruptcy paperwork.

I had my own business, which is not bankrupt but hasn't done anything in 2 years because of the market here in Australia. My view is that your own business is the only way out. The market her eis picking up, IT is still hot and people are still buying.

I dont know what you do, but I am in IT also. Over the Xmas break I wrote a new plan for my business, and am now getting it underway. I'm going to have to be tough, no passengers, no silly debts/commitments. Run on the smell of an oily rag, operate with no/low overheads, and sell sell sell.

In my mind, getting a job really only makes someone else money, and then they get to sack you on a whim. I still believe in myself despite the events of the last 2 or so years, and I hope you do too.

Write yourself a plan. That will focus you, and then execute the plan! Thats all I can suggest.

All the best, let me know how you go.