Me Too - But Is This A Bad Thing Or Is It Ok???

Me too.  As a provider for a family consisting of 1 spouse and 5 children.  I was let go but at the same time "blessed" because I just couldn't "do it" anymore in the "high end" residential service industry (landscape design).  I suppose that I gave up $1,200 a week (gross) job to preserve what I believe in and what I want my children to retain as the more important factors in life; however, now being 4 months behind in your mortgage and still idealistic yet  simultaneously contracting with a bankruptcy attorney, and having Discover card call you hourly, does not help me feel better about the situation.  Yet I must remain strong to break free from these chains that I once called comfort and security,  Rather they were (and still are) oppression and indignity.  Are some of them my fault? Yes.  Yet am I not a product of my larger urban society?  Yes again. 

Perhaps we (me & my creditors) should end this relationship like a "no-fault" divorce - amenably...

Best of luck to the rest of ya!

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1 Response Feb 24, 2010