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I don't like the world anymore people get married to have a license to cheat! I would never hurt anyone in such a way , i can't even lie and in the past when i did it ate at me and i had to spill my guts.I love with all my heart and deception is unacceptable , i am not saying this without experience either. I want what my grandparents had and had it until his passing ...Probably will never find it again.
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10 Responses Jan 10, 2008

It is refreshing to see someone that is honest and admits their faults openly.

He knows compliments make me beat him up and so he goes where angels fear to tread! lol

Whatever do you mean, Beate?

I don't. I think that it's funny when you play at being mean. My first wife was a TRULY mean person. I know the difference. She was a rattlesnake. You are much more like a kitten. You love to play fight, but you mean no harm. In fact, I think that you would be mortified if you ever thought that you caused any hurt.

Some guys like mean girls hehe!

I calls em like I sees em. I get a big smile every time I see that you are signed on.

Touched ...I am !

A uniquely honest person. Remarkable. I knew there was a reason I like you so much. (Besides the obvious.)

I have witnessed to much pain in this world and i never could live with being someone who has caused it! Hell i can't even lie without giving myself away and then beating myself up for it!

Wow, I actually find myself believing you. It's not that I think you would ever be dishonest. The problem is that after my first two marrages, I have come to believe that "faithful wife" is an oxymoron.