I Will Never Leave, Nor Forsake You...

I will stay by your side when times get tough
All through the night when things are rough
I will hold your hand and comfort you
I'll be your friend , and never leave you

When you are sad, when you wear a frown
I'll be by your side, I wont let you down

Friends may come, and friends may go
But I am here, just to show
That I am faithful to the end
When we argue, we will always make amends

Time will show you, time will prove
Just how much it is I'll do
To make you happy, to make you smile
I'll always go, that extra mile

You are precious, like a gem
You warm my heart like winters end

You and I, were meant to be
I will love you, you will see
Just how faithful I can be

Together we will face this life
When everyone else is not so nice
In the end the world will see..
Just how much you mean to me.
Alexxx201 Alexxx201
18-21, T
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One word deep ....

this brought tears to my eyes.... ily