I Am Not Sure About You.

I am always faithful even when i have dated people who were so insecure and thought i would do something like cheat on them, i never have with anyone i been with its always the girls who cheat on me more then likely then anything, cause they get jealous or whatever the case maybe i don't know.
Yes i am a fun free person by when i am with someone i am faithful to them and only them i don't go for any of girl or whatever comes my way and if i didn't want to be with them i would be up front about it , i would not cheat its just who i am and two wrong don't make a right even if a girl was to cheat on me i would just walk away cause its not worth the trouble.
Thewarriorofheart Thewarriorofheart
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3 Responses Nov 27, 2011

Did you know it's a fact supported by #'s that more wives cheat in marriages now than husbands.

You're doing good. And someday when you least expect it, you'll find a good girl who deserves a good guy like you

ya so i hear all the time but has not happened yet.

You're aren't that old yet. Give it some time.

:) it's probably the right thing to do :)