To The End.

I am a lot of things, fun,easy going,kind but most important part about me is I am faithful to my partner/friends even given my past where I didn't always end up with people who treated me right, I always stayed faithful regardless if they cheated I didn't do it cause two wrongs don't make it ok....... I knew I was better then that and wouldn't ever go to their level, it didn't matter if it was a friend or partner I'd just say my peace then walk away leaving them alone. It is so hard now in this day and age to find a man/women who will be faithful or loyal its very rare, when everyone seems to be the opposite of what you want now and I just one of them people who prefers quality over quantity in a person.
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I am the same , I have made a list of rules to myself and I never break them , whatever is done to me by others . Good thing to do I sleep very well knowing I have done the right things . Can never understand why people will hurt the ones they say they love . Why if people are unhappy with their partners just end it first before they find someone else . Its almost like they want to inflict a final insult and hurt .

It's cause they selfish with greed and lust.

To be faithful (trust,emotions,naughtiness,difficulties,understanding,caring) is what i feel makes faithful,yes nowadays it's difficult to trust persons even after knowing them,you have that thought of being faithful is more respectful.I believe you are a person with a lovely heart...Life is to know you more...