I Believe In Being Faithful But What If Your Mate Isn't?

I believe that being faithful to your partner is very important because it is a trust and trust's shouldn't be taken lightly. For all of my life I have been extremely faithful to the man in my life but I am an attractive female who very much enjoys sex in a relationship and have had many men who have tried to make me stray from the man I was in a relationship with because of the things they admired about me and whether or not the relationship I was in was the best in my life I always believed that being faithful was non negotiable. But then, in a relationship I had been in for 15 years, my partner had sex with another woman when he was out of town and I was forced to make a decision about whether his unfaithfulness was something that I should decide to end our relationship because of. While I was deciding whether or not to end it with that boyfriend of many years I had sex with two men, two men I had had previous relationships with before the relationship I was currently in that I had the unfaithfulness occur with, and during the time I was trying to decide if the extra curricular sex should be the end of our relationship, and it because of how those brief sexual relationships I was made me to realize that what I had with the man I loved was more important than to end it because he was seduced by another woman. If I was truthful to myself I realized that I could make men who were friends of mine be unfaithful to their wives if I wanted so how could I punish the man I loved if he met a woman like me that wasn’t so faithful about not exercising her power to seduce that I practiced not to use in a moment of weakness. I had to decide if a brief lapse of willpower was worth ending a relationship over. Sex is important but it is just sex and a real relationship should be able to transcend a “one night stand”. When my boyfriend found out about my having the sexual encounters he got very upset and I asked him how it felt. He said it didn’t feel very good. I told him that is what I wanted him to understand about how I had felt when he had been unfaithful but that it didn’t have to be the end of our relationship if he truly didn’t want me to feel the way he was feeling. We decided that our relationship was more important than just good sex, which we had, that is not the reason the extracurricular affair happened, Our relationship ended several years later but it had nothing to do with unfaithfulness in sex. Being unfaithful in sex is far less important than being unfaithful in emotional matters, in my opinion. There will always be someone as good in bed as you are, there will never be someone who is you!
Chelebub Chelebub
51-55, F
Dec 3, 2012