Semper Fi

I am "Semper Fi" -ALWAYS FAITHFUL- to my United States Marine.

He is the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. When you begin a dating relationship with someone, you need to realize it's either going to go one way or the other: you either break up, or get married. (this is usually the case). I believe if you're going to get serious with someone, there's something telling you he could be "the one"- or why else would you be dating him??

I LOVE Thomas more than anything. He is the most amazing person I think I have ever met in my entire life. Honestly, it amazes me. I don't care that he is in the Marines, I love him even though we're long distance. Infact, it makes me PROUD to be a USMC girlfriend. I have one of the few and proud, how the hell did that happen? Not every girl or just ANY girl could have the title of a Marines girl. It takes a strong one, and a faithful, trustworthy, honest one.

My man deploys next month, I can't say more than that- but either way, next month is way too soon. But with that said:


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Glad to hear your staying true to your man in the Marines. Had a brother in the Navy whose wife cheated on him while he was on deployment and he told me that infidelity is quite common on both sides.

God bless you both is right.

God Bless you both

God Blees You You a very special lady he is very lucky to have you in his life stay true and strong.<br />