Missing Him :'(

Whats the ONE thing you miss about your soldier ?
Me: The kisses his gives on my forehead. Its his way of telling me everything will be alright
Leeyah59 Leeyah59
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6 Responses May 6, 2012

I miss the way he could make me laugh in any situation

I miss having my best friend by my side...

i miss the day he would wake me up playing and sing me the song goodmorning beutifull i miss him so much

the times when we would sit and look at each other and do nothing but smile, when he would come up behind me and whisper i wish i never had to leave your side again but im always here this is home. i have the sweetest marine in the world and i miss him like crazy, what i miss the most? absolutely everything. semper fi!!

I miss his touch. i know it sounds sappy but it sums up everything, his kisses, hugs, cuddling, etc. and i absolutely miss falling asleep next to him and waking up next to him

Aww, I miss that too. It sucks to not have that after there gone. Feels like half of you is missing


Its those sweet texts id wakeup to.

I bet that set your day off on a good foot :)

Yes it would. But now its a bigger rush when i see he sent me a message. Its like opening a present