So Sweet

Sorry for constant updates he called he starts basic tomorrow said he quickly chatted with his fam so he had more time talk to me told me he missed me and really does love me. No contact for few weeks he said he will write and told me to do same and hell appreciate and love them. But he had get off got quick love you bye and I instantly balled my eyes out I'm so strong until after I hear from him and we get off phone but I love him no one could or ever will replace him he said he has get up earlier then said it the things they do for our country keep it safe and for me I said why me he said because your in this country so I'm keeping you safe too I said I'll sleep soundly then for that and I'm so proud you and he thanked me idk but he's turned into such sweet guy and maybe distance does make heart grow and love grow :)
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3 Responses May 9, 2012

I just had the same thing happen :c He had a few moments to give me a quick call but it was only about five minutes. When he had to hang up I cried so hard. It sucks that I literally won't be able to hear his voice for at least 12weeks.

Thats the sweetest thing :) aw, im so happy for you!

Thank you :) sucks cause basic officially started so I won't hear from him for while :(

See I told you, he'll come around :). I'm glad he got to call you and you guys spoke I know it made you feel alittle bit better. Yes that true distance does make the heart grow fonder !!

Oh and continue to post :)

thankyou. for him to say such sweet things is a shocker though about me being in this country so he is keeping country safe and me lol. and fact he quick chatted his whole fam give me more time. :) idk what there doing but he sweet more then usual. he just wanted make sure i know he loves and misses me before i dont hear from him for few weeks.