Mini Vaca? Realized Something

So for my grams birthday I'm in NYC for weekend. She asked lot bought my bf though she hasn't met him and she didn't know we can't send packages so she at least got me to get him postcard I'll add to a letter when I got address now the old me would have flirted and been so happy get all this attention so many guys are hitting on me but I politely nod now or ignore it and my mind is on my man it nice to be noticed that I look good but he really is one for me when I saw couples i longed for him even just hold his hand or have that one hug. That's love I guess I just hope things get easier I hope he continues feel same for me
Anilec Anilec
18-21, F
1 Response May 11, 2012

When you realize that you have somebody who goes up and beyond for you every other man seems to be irrelevant it happens !!

Except I realized something else and may be best not type anymore on these groups

Oh no, what happened ? :(