Having A Hard Time

Ok so me and ryan (usmc) are counting down the days until he is home for leave! 51 days today! i am uber excited. i text him and talk to him through out the day and get to skype him almost every night. lately the signal has been terrible. :( I have been doing really well on staying strong. I hang out with friends to keep my mind off of missing him, even though it does not help as much as i would like it to. anyways, lately i have noticed that it is getting to ryan a lot more! he has been really depressed and sad lately. He is usually the one telling me "just this many days. it isnt that long baby and its going by fast" but after the crapy skype signal last night i am the one that has to keep positve but how am i supposed to when i see him the way he is. he is usually the strong one. i am doing my best to keep him smiling. talking about the minute i see him walk off the plane how i am going ot run into his arms, how we get to do an engagement party, and pics...how we get to cuddle and just do what a normal couple does for two and a half weeks. it is so hard to stay strong when i see if effect ryan. he is not an emotional guy so when i see him being this way i melt. :( grrrrr....sorry for the rant.
khfuller52792 khfuller52792
18-21, F
May 16, 2012