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Until The Very End

I am falling apart inside... deteriorating... breaking into so many pieces.

You won't see me fall apart until I collapse and self-destruct. 
reset reset 18-21, F 5 Responses Jul 27, 2010

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I think I first struggled with these feelings at your age too! I did go and talk with someone at my university and that really helped - just to have someone say - you aren't alone - many feel the same way. It is a big time in your life - whether you are in school or out in the world (scarier!). Lots of decisions, and you are led to believe they are life-altering and final, etc... They aren't - I have changed directions many times - easily - until I figured out where I fit best in the world! <br />
<br />
Like many have said here, you are definitely not alone and this is a great place for support, encouragement, advice and venting.<br />
<br />
I am in therapy now and it has been awesome for me - considering the stress of my life right now, I am in a better place with how I am dealing with it - and that is because I am working through some issues that I have struggled with since I was about your age - maybe before. Anyway, I just felt like I needed to say something - hope something of all of it helps you!

There is a kinship there. I fell and he neglected to see. I cried for months wanting him to. I even told him point blank HELP ME. He told me "take care of yourself I need to worry about me" Guess what? I did an have never felt better about it. Don't sink and not think you have someone to talk to. You do, the EPers are all around, and you are special for nothing more than being you!!!. shipping warm fuzzies to you.

do u kno hearing you say tht meks me feel like im not so alone how long av u felt like tht coz i feel ive felt like it 4 eva definey since i was a little girl id like it if we cud support each otha

i just have depression...

Whats going on babe? I have to say, I come across a lot of dramma mammas, & guys too, that are in your age bracket. Too much bullshit and unecessary mayhem. I see so many that act like those dorks in the sit-coms, with all thier stupid one-liners. Wow, sure hope you are not caught up in that syndrome. Sorry to go off.<br />
What is it that is bringing you down?