Can I Get Through Today

i wake up today and i feel the same anutha day with nothing in it.ive felt different since i was a little girl not been able to stay in bed coz of the dark cloud i can feel hangin ova teks nothng to mek me feel down its like im constantly grieveing for sumfing.i dnt kno hu i am coz i just want ppl to like me but i hate hu i am so how can any1 like me.i av no friends but wud luv tht more than so ashamed of the past of god knows how many overdoses i have taken b4 but tht really is in the past i just wish i cud be happy.i constantly feel like im tryin to keep afloat wen i just want to voice may sound rite but inside im really not.
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3 Responses Jul 28, 2010

a path with a heart how cute..

ur rite i hate tryin to act like sumbody else or its more keepin my mouth shut so i dnt offend any1 coz it seems to be wether i have a valid point or not ppl wud fall out with me but i cant carry on like tht i need to follow on from you i have to start somewhere.thankyou :)

For a long time I felt like I was standing in a hall surrounded by hundreds of people screaming at the top of my voice!!! NOTICE ME!!! And not one person ever looked. I hated myself everyday and had no confidence unless I faked who I was! But u no, one day you just got to stop! Look yourself in the eye and say, **** YOU ALL I am me! If u don't like it I don't care, I breath and bleed just like everyone else. Life is mine! I have to live it!