Standin Still

im laid on the bed just thinkin i can hear birds singin n ppl mowin ther grass kids shouting the world carries on ppl r livin i realise life is passin me by i hear a song tht reminds me of happier times n think can this eva happen agen.things r changin i dnt kno what to do and what not to do.wish i wasnt so emotional wen otha ppl rnt they just fink u r cheesy but i see beauty in so many things hear it too.i want to start living but dont kno where to begin when things are difficult need fresh start n to stop lukin bkwards just want to smile and laugh n mean it.
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22-25, F
2 Responses Jul 30, 2010

thank u luv wen otha ppl care it means alot

I am really feeling for you. :-(<br />
I pray that everything will be ok for you.