A Full Week Of Torture

my name is Dave, on 18/01/2013, i got thrown into a prison cell for nearly 13hours cause of my ******* of a "brother" which i'v explained in another story, decided to go ranty o me, and in self defence i fended him off, only t get him call for the armed force to come arrest me as i later found out he said i had a gun... now i cannot go home, i'm stuck with my "father" who of which left my mother out of the blue and settled with some... woman. they keep having gross sex in the next room, i'm in an area i do not know, with people i do not know, with dogs who have already attecked me, in fear of said dogs opening doors to attack me again and overall lonely :'(
and its only 20/01/2013... who knows what the rest of the week will bring but i can garentee it will make me feel worse... i'm already typing this in the dark, wrapped in a blanket, and crying over my "dads" **** filled laptop :(
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<p>That whole situation sounds so creepy. Esp hearing your old cheese going at it, grose ! <br />
<br />
Think of your self and your future away from your family. You still have your whole life in front of you.</p>

Wow... Eye oppener for me. I thought my life was bad but I guess I need to look around.

i'm just glad my life isn't worse then this, so much happens around the world but i'm just glad my life doesn't get as bad as all that stuff

This made me so, so sad. Why do things have to be so messed up? I hope the worst week of your life is over. Parents having gross sex with their "friends" can be horrible, I know. We can only strive to achieve better things in our lives than these creeps have in theirs!