The Good Stuff Never Hits All At Once...

But of course the bad stuff does. Sometimes I wonder if it's just me-that whom ever is upstairs running the show finds it
particularly entertaining to dump on my life.
Things usually go pretty well for me and USUALLY i know how fortunate I could always be worse. But then I have those days and I'm sure everyone else has them too, where you just can not catch a break to save your life.
I recently suffered a miscarriage. The pregnancy was unplanned and a shock, and the timing was wrong...but it was still heartbreaking. It happened about three weeks after my partner and I had decided to go through with the pregnancy and discuss keeping our baby or giving them up for adoption. Either way the baby-to-be was very loved. But I haven't even had time to mourn or to even stop and think about it because so much else has happened on top of that. My partner's grandmother suffered a bad fall, a cousin ran away, and my sister became sick to the point of hospitalization. 
Now the fun stuff....I found out that I apparently owe 200 on a macy's card I never opened or received. My tuition went up another 1000 dollars and the job I thought I'd have to support my education fell through because of downsizing. I finally managed to save a little money and suddenly I need to pay off ten thousand different things. I'm late on rent, my loan is diminishing and I have no way to pay it back.
On top of all this I'm juggling 5 part time nanny gigs, studying, and trying to stay sane. A professor accused me of plagiarism based solely on the argument that 'it was too well written to be my work" (it is 100% my own work) and I have to appeal it. My gpa is in the gutter thanks to this and i can't take the last few courses I need to pass.
Nothing is going right....and I'm sure I sound whiny and ungrateful. I'm in college, I have a loving partner, etc. And believe me, I am very very thankful. But some days, I just can't see around all the crap piling up and today was one of them. 
If you read this far, thank you for 'listening' to me vent. Your thoughts are much appreciated.
lessthanlucky lessthanlucky
Feb 4, 2012