Dont Know What To Do

first off, my boyfriend lives in canada and i live in the US so it is difficult for us to see each other often because of money issues and schooling. anyways, last month, he found out that his uncle got into a car accident and passed away. he didn't know how to react or how to deal with it because he's never had anyone close to him die before. he is one to handle his issues on his own and doesn't really know how to accept any help. i gave him about a week of space and even after that, he was still distant. about 3 weeks later, he found out that one of his good friends from high school committed suicide.

he's just been dealing with so many horrible, uncontrollable things lately and i don't know what to do. he's been telling me that he's been seeing a therapist but that he is very sick. that he is lost, confused, and doesn't know what to do. i feel so helpless not being able to do anything-and hurt. hurt that he won't accept my help (though i understand where he's coming from) and i'm very afraid that he's going to just keep pushing me away. i've told him that i would stay by his side throughout all of it and not leave just because things have been getting rough. i love him very much and i dont know how i can help or whether or not i CAN help. i feel like i am falling apart just like he is.

does anyone have any advice as to what i should do? any encouraging words? Thanks.
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You can tell him you want to support him any way possible. Not having had close friends or relatives die you can't imagine what is is going through, but care so much for him. Suggest grief counselling with a pastor, minister, or priest. They are there to help families in difficult situations. If he is in college there are support ministries available for these situations he can utilize. You need to be strong yourself to pull through this difficult time and support your bf. Good luck.