Someone I love dearly told me once that they didn't understand my depression, and wouldn't pretend they did, but they would do anything they could to help me. That's probably the kindest thing anyone's ever said to me, because they never pretended they understood. I've got to the point where i barely have the energy to get out of bed, and my mum calls me lazy. I'm scared of when she gets annoyed, because she can insult me to the point that I break down. I try so ******* hard for everyone else. I could sit in my room on the internet most of my time and be content, but they wouldn't be. My sister treats me like ****, and makes me cry. I don't get asked how I am, or what's bothering me, they only care if they're in a bad mood and I'm the one they take it out on. They don't want a daughter, sister, granddaughter like me, not how I am now. I was always the good one, 'skinny little blonde girl with good grades', so they don't care. I'm not the good one anymore though. I'm the messed up, I'm seriously messed up and nobody gives a damn. I can't do it anymore, I just want to feel safe, to feel cared for, like someone wants me for how I am, and they took away the only thing which made me feel that way.
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I feel the exact same way. Except I am not skinny. Lol.
I hope you feel better. If you need to bend to an understanding ear, I am here.