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I really don't know what to do with my life.

I had a major emotional breakdown just a couple of weeks ago. I went to the hospital and everything because I was completely ready to kill myself.Fortunately after my discussion with the doctor, I realized that F-this. They just want my money(I felt that they were so fake.) and stupid counseling isn't gonna do s*!t. My best friend has been getting treatment for a long time now and it hasn't helped her. In fact, it has made her worse.But she is trying to deal with it again.

I just hate life right now.I'm failing my classes and I really don't want to do anything anymore. I can't do anything.I'm tired.

reset reset 18-21, F 10 Responses Apr 5, 2009

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that's great that you got over it. :)

This story is kind of old but I'll comment anyway because this happened to me at your age, or whatever age I was when I hit junior year. There was a good chunk of about 3 months where I couldn't go from one class to the other without needing somewhere to run and cry. If you asked me for the time I would rattle of some nonsense statement, if you asked me for my name I would just stare at you blankly like you were speaking some foreign language. It went on for about three months until I finally snapped in front of a teacher who then sent me straight to the councilor. from that point on I battled with depression and I never even really knew how it all started and honestly I didn't really get over it all until about a couple of weeks ago lol.

thanks...i have been talking to friends that i found here and they help. =)

...ur right they only want ur money...but sometimes u need to talk to someone to know that u are not completely alone...and for someone to understand...ive been through the point u are going through and i dont blame u for the way ur feeling...but sometimes u cant face this by urself...sometimes u need help...*smiles*... we are all here to listen...

thanks for the comments.they help.

i got over that. i actually managed to pass my classes and get the same GPA but these past few weeks, I have been having worse breakdowns because of a boy. <br />
I am trying to deal with it. Trying to be optimistic. I hope the best for myself too.<br />
I will try to get professional help again.

I know where you are coming from as a few years ago I tried to commit suicide. Everyone who tries this or wants to try this has there own reasons thier own personal circumstances. The thing is you survived this and now if things are going to get any better for you. you also have to survive the circumstances which caused you to feel like this. It could be that when you went for help from the doctors etc you where not ready to recieve help or it could be that the doctors who you went to see where not right to help you. I hope that when you recieve this msg you are happier in yourself but if not there are people who can help you, who are not interested in just taking a piece of you or your money or even those just marking time in there jobs. There are other people out there. <br />
<br />
In the meantime write down what it is that caused you to feel this way. Was it stress at college? Are you on the right course for you? Was it a circumstance with friends? Was it something to do with your family? There could be one big reason that was the trigger or many small problems leading up to it. There are also chemical triggers which affect you without you even realising it. hormonal, underlying illness, even something simple as becoming run down from a virus can trigger a later emotional imbalance. You are stronger than you think and you can cope with this take a day at a time, dont forget to breathe, try to remember a reason to smile, even somebody in the depths of depression can one day find a smile in something small and simple even for just a moment and that is the beginining of the road and the fight back to daylight. I hope things are improving for you now

hang in there! Things are bound to get better.

i feel the same way about they just want ur money--but i also agree with jrabbit1321, that its good to talk it out and a fresh perspective is needed. my suggestion is shop around and try different counselors--one of them may make even a single point that will click with u to build on. or, the receptionist may make several good points that may click with u before u even see the counselor. fresh perspective is very, very key. remember store up all those bits of good points you get and let them help you heal, also.

I'm sorry to hear that. I agree with you to point about them only wanting your money, but I've come to realize that it is good to talk about things and to get a fresh and different look at what's going on with you. Sometimes you just need a new perspective. Hang in there.