Tomorrow Never Seems to Come

Some tomorrows don’t come. Because they weren’t meant too sometimes, but sometimes because we neglect to make sure they will. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in ourselves that we forget that people we expect to always be there can, and if we let them, will be taken away.

Especially if we ignore them.

If we leave them hanging, waiting for the moment we’ll remember they’re alive, waiting for us to look over at them again…There will be a point when they get tired of it. Once they get tired, they will, chances are, get frustrated and leave. Most likely to never look back. And those tomorrows, those plans you made with them, will never happen. And you have no one you to blame but yourself.

I’ll grant you that more often than not, both parties are to blame for the above situation, but one party is to blame, in most cases, for putting the final straw on the camel’s back, and forcing the other away.

This is something that's been on my mind lately, and I'm not sure if I can explain why. It's not because I feel like I've been ignored...More, if anything, because I feel like all I do is annoy poeple. Like *I'm* the one pushing them away.

Thing is...I'm doing it just by, it seems, being who I am. So I really don't know how to fix that situation.

I suppose I could try changing who I am completely but...Why? I know as well as anyone, and possibly better than some, that when someone makes up their mind about you, you can't change it.

So why try? But by the same token, when everything you say seems to just **** people off?

What do you do then, when you've screwed up that much?

I know I could try to start over, move on to a different group of people.

I'm just not sure I have the energy left for that, or even enough 'spirit' left for it.

But...What else can I do?

Treval Treval
22-25, F
2 Responses Apr 6, 2009

...its a huge burden to carry...feeling its all ur fault ur loved ones leave...u know what they say u dont see the value of someone until its gone...but if people woould get tired and frustrated and leave, they werent 100% true to you...special people are the ones who are always waiting...supporting you quietly if they have to... *smiles*...good luck...hope u find happiness...

Refine who you are, be true to yourself and trust that things will work themselves out for the best. You have a whole life time ahead of you to become the best you can be at what ever you choose. Enjoy the journey.