Foolishness - What Is Love? Fade Away..... There Is No Such Thing

What am I supposed to do, when all I do is think about her? She hates my kind..... but the way she looks at me.... those innocent eyes of blue. Innocence - the only reason she looks at me. She doesn't know what it means to love, or hate, or feel.... really. She has only been told by her preachers what it is to be. Shame on me. Let her go. May God forgive me for feeling for her. I am a fool.... more so since I know I shouldn't feel at all. The consequences will be most dire. What I wouldn't do for that blue.... her eyes.... even a look hurts so much. These words don't do it justice, when you truly feel something - words don't matter anymore.
Let her go.
Strike me down, please God, stop my foolishness.... my stupidity.
Can you imagine a kiss? .... total dissolution.... time would stop - the world would die. It is not worth it. No, nothing is worth that.
Let her go.
menschfeind menschfeind
1 Response Jul 20, 2010

Raw yearning emotion... and foolishness. I think love was created to humiliate us (not saying that is a bad thing... humbleness).<br />
Do you feel that same crushing weight?<br />
If so, I pray peace for you...<br />
Thank you for your wish....