I Found My Husband

well this is how it started i came home late one nite from kicking it with my girls & noticed i didnt have my keys.so i said **** it i might as well just walk around since i aint got no where to go. so im walking down the street kinda pissed you know its like 2am.so as i was walking up the street i see two guys walking toward me not trippin or anything so we pass each other and he notices who i am i guess & he speaks.so i said hi but kinda kept walking & he was like you just gone walk past me like that & i looked again & my mouth just kind dropped. all i could think in my head was it's him. so we chop it up im walking with him we cathin up seeing whats been going on.so we went and got a room and spent the whole nite just talking about everything. he made me feel soo special just the way he spoke to me the way he touched me the way he looked in to my eyes. it was just the most wonderful feeling in the world and i never thought i would feel this way for awhile since i wasnt looking and really didnt want to get involved with any one any way.I am so glad i have found him cuz when he is with me nothing else matters in the world.IM FALLING IN LOVE ALL OVER AGAIN & IT FEELS SOO SOO DAMN GOOD!!!!YES THANK YOU LORD FOR THIS ANGEL.

Dezire08 Dezire08
22-25, F
Mar 20, 2009