I've been thinking about her again. seems like not a moment goes by when she isn't occupying some corner of my mind.

I have this doomed love song, the one from the star wars prequels, stuck on repeat in my head, I catch myself whistling it throughout the day. The irony of the fact I'm whistling it isn't lost on me.
ClarityDawn ClarityDawn
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1 Response Sep 2, 2015

Let it go. If it's an illicit relationship, it will never work out the way it does in your dreams. Trust me on this. I had an affair with the SAME married man twice, eighteen years apart. Both times it ended tragically. The second time he told me he and his wife had been separated for eight years, but he was still seeing her, and sleeping with her EVERY DAY, and I never found out until about a year into our second time. Once I blew the whistle on him after that, things disintegrated pretty quickly. He ended up having me evicted from the house I was renting from him, and I was nearly homeless, since I had also just lost my job. I actually had to move to another state to start my life back over, as he called every place where I had worked, and many of my friends, etc., and told them terrible lies about me. Oh yeah, he was a real psychopath. She may be a nice girl, but she is involved with someone who may very well **** you up if they find out you're seeing her, or even interested. People are scary.

unfortunately, that's the smallest part of the issue. She maybe be single soon, but even then she's not someone that would be socially acceptable for me to be in a relationship with.

Why is that? We don't know one another so it's a safe secret.