Don't do it. It will drive you crazy.
anthea15 anthea15
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3 Responses Sep 21, 2015

No point it's a road to heartache ive done it:((you think they will feel the same and hold on and it's not going to happen.x

Loll I feel you. Heavily. I'm still holding on but its only because they're my best friend too. One day I'll get over it.

I'm hanging on by a thread hoping n praying he will give me a sign he likes or misses me while I'm away I get nothing:((ive got good intentions to stop when I return of hols as not messaged while ive been away his choice but I know he will reel me back in.

Exactly. They're very good at the reeling you back in thing.

Preach it sista.

Yes, it does :(